Is your PC slow? Here’s what you can do!


Are you getting tired of your slow computer but don’t know just what to do? Well there’s a great world of opportunity out there called the internet. It will open you up to valuable information that you could use for yourself and for people around you. It could give you the solution to your general and specific problems about computers. This article is provided by Repair and Restore PC Support company – great professionals when it comes to computer support and virus removal.

One such problem is the slowing down of computers. You probably don’t know the exact reason why this happens. A part of the problem has to do with registry errors. Now in order for you to fix this problem by yourself, you have to be familiar with your computer’s registry. That’s not an easy thing to do. That is why you need some help. You can actually learn how to fix registry errors for free! Now that would be amazing, you may say.

Yes, it’s true. You can learn how to fix registry errors for free! The internet is full of people who have enough knowledge about this subject. The good thing about it is that they are willing to share what they know for no cost at all. Now if you can’t believe it then try to search for it yourself. The internet is filled with lots of information. This information may be the answer to one of your questions. It may be the solution to one of your problems.

Try to look for a website that will help you get to the bottom of your problem the next time you have problems with your computer. You don’t have to know everything, though. All you need to know is the solution to your specific problem. Is your problem is your slow computer? You may want to checkout the website that will help you learn how to fix registry errors for free! That would be useful if your computer is getting very slow.

Slow computers are sometimes caused be registry errors. You may solve the problem of slow computers by learning how to fix registry errors. Registry errors are among the most common causes of slow computers. Your computers may have gathered a lot of information for a long time. Those information are sometimes no longer needed but they remained in the computer’s registry. You have to track down those information and remove them from the registry. I know you don’t know how to do it yourself. You can solve your problem, though, if you will learn how to fix registry errors for free!


If you are trying to fix a slow computer, let me just say you’re not alone. A lot of people purchase a new computer and love all the neat features and fast performance the machine provides, but not after much time the machine fights back and takes its dear old time trying to run a program you start. You are determined to try to fix the problem and you try a few things, but the computer still just remains slow. It seems that trying to fix a slow computer requires a degree in rocket science.

Well if you’re trying to fix a slow computer you don’t need to pull your hair out trying. There are some basic things you can do to drastically speed up your PC. Let me explain a few to help you get on your way to a much faster stress free computing experience:

  • First, make sure you are consistently deleting your temporary internet files. These files can add up quickly as your surfing the web and too many of them can slow down performance. You can delete these files through Disk Cleanup.
  • Secondly you can do is to remove start-up programs to fix a slow computer. These programs pop up every time you start your computer, costing you valuable time waiting for Windows to fully load. This process can take 5, 10 or even 15 minutes! But if you turn off a few unnecessary programs when the computer boots, the time that it takes for Windows to load can reduce dramatically.

Something else you can do to speed up you pc is to check for and correct any disk errors. Through everyday computer use, errors on your hard disk can build up negatively affecting your computer’s performance. Simply go to my computer and right click on the C drive. Then go to choose properties and then tools. You can then click on “check now” to start the process. This drastically improve performance.


Acer TravelMate4283WLMi-UMTS: Solid notebook

Overall, Acer with this device is an acceptable, even good with possible upgrade solution. Whether board UMTS, HSDPA upgradeable

Let us start with the basic mobile features, the traffic via radio. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are standard 802.11/a/b/g. On top, there is the current crown of mobility, in the form of a UMTS and GSM module.

Acer TravelMate4283WLMi

The TravelMate supports UMTS, the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) and the Technology Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE). Will you also have a 1.8 Mbit / s-strong High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) – also known as UMTS Broadband known – yes, then you have to upgrade it. Positive opinion about the service – the front of the housing there are two buttons for WLAN and GPRS / UMTS. It is practical.

Normal battery life

An important criterion is the duration, away from external power sources. Here delivers the TravelMate with around three hours in normal operation a passable, if not exactly overwhelming result.

TravelMate notebook offers solid basic equipment

Inside an Intel processor, the Core 2 Duo T5500 at 1.66 series Gigahrtz clock potters Fast forward, accompanied by a video card NVidia Geforce Go 7600 SE with 128 MB of video memory. The RAM, a 512 MB DDR RAM is great. In addition, even if you offered the Windows XP Professional operating system, Windows Vista Business is preferably. However, can be extended to two gigabytes – and that you should treat yourself already. The hard drive has 120 gigabytes of storage.

All sorts of extra Gadegts

The 15.4-inch display has a resolution of 1280 by 800 pixels, because there are better representations. The keyboard can be easily operated; even quick and frequent tipsters would have to cope with it. In addition, a DVD burner are a 1.3-megapixel webcam, a microphone, a 5-in-1 card reader, a DVI port, four USB ports, an ExpressCard and a PCMCIA slot.With 2.75 kg, towing weight of the TravelMate is in the featherweight category. It is not the great ultimate union in terms of mobility, but in the same time, it is a decent device, which can be useful to upgrade depending on your needs.

The Compaq 6510b – a solid performance at a reasonable price

As the sister models 6710b and 6910p, it is designed as a business notebook. Performance models for the mobile infantry of globalization they should be. The Compaq 6510b provides in fact a solid performance at a reasonable price.This applies to all areas; it is not only for mobility.

For the more moderate has earned in the basic version of the predicate. For wireless communication, WLAN802.11a/b/g provide a Mini PCI Card and Bluetooth, UMTS / HSDPA – it is only optional. For this, the business notebook scores at the battery life: in moderate overdrive, over five hours are possible during normal office working four to five hours. This ensures proper mobile working hours.

Solid equipment, rugged appearance

Facilities include Gigabit Ethernet, integrated analogy modem, Firewire port, TV out, PC card slot, multi-format card reader, multi-format DVD writer and four USB ports. The speakers for rich presentations – if the room is not too large.

Compaq 6510b Business Notebook

With 2.4 kg in the basic equipment, it is not exactly a lightweight, 3.4 cm thick, 33.1 inches long and 24.3 centimetres wide can the HP Compaq 6510b. In addition, the typical HP design demonstrates. This is a work tool; it is not a decorative accessory.

The device is equipped with Windwos XP Professional, which possibly also the battery life extended. On the Compaq website, it is available in three variants. First: Intel Core2 Duo Processor T7300 2 GHz and fast a hard drive of 120 gigabytes. Second: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T7500 – 2.2 creates Gigherz – and a hard disk of 160 gigabytes. Third Core 2 Duo Processor T7250 with two gigahertz and 120 gigabytes hard drive. The prices are more or less clearly below 1000 euros.

14.1-inch screen and a good keyboard for frequent tipsters

The 14.1-inch display has a resolution of 1280×800 pixels, the quality is sufficient for typical office work on the go. Very good presentation at angles that deviate horizontally, which is not unimportant.The keyboard will please many tipsters, the keys have the standard size and laptops are very good to use. There are a numberoffunction keyson the keyboard.The HP Compaq offers good performance at a reasonable price. The screen quality is good, the battery life considerably.

The Asus Eee PC 701 4G – A completely new concept

The Asus Eee PC 701 4G is a completely new concept. This project Asus calls a host of imitators and competitors on the plan. What you can expect from the new category of portable computers shows an example of the Asus Eee PC 701 4G.

Eee PC runs on Linux base

Even the software configuration is different from with full-sized notebooks: The operating system in version Xandros comes from the open-source Linux family.

Asus Eee PC 701 4G

There are plenty of pre-installed open source programs. The all too familiar 2.0, Firefox as a browser, Thunderbird for email, Pidgin for messaging. In total, there are 40 in number, including tutorials – the target group of students is obviously one of the envisaged clientele. The missing with Gimp photo editing a prominent and powerful representative may be due to the rather barren space. Who always – albeit often grudgingly – has worked on Microsoft Windows, the startled first back before Linux. However, even a person who is Windows mechanisms are already lapped, the user interface easy, intuitive, and fast after a few clicks – and the one or other defects click. It is structured as an index, above the tabs with inscriptions such as “work”, “games” or “Internet” under each tab are there large icons for the programs or for direct connections to Internet sites such as Wikipedia, to own webmail account or an Internet radio. The operation is completed by a well Windows user’s familiar taskbar at the bottom, where wired and wireless connections, volume or applications running in the background will be displayed.

Lean flash memory

PC 701 4G is powered by an Intel Celeron mobile processor with a clock speed of 900 MHz working frequency. There is a 512 MB DDR 2 memory, plus a so-called four-gigabyte solid-state drive. This consists of memory chips has several advantages: there are no moving parts, so it is shockproof, it is fast and it consumes less energy. Accounted for all programs is gone all too much free space. However, you can expand through SD or MMC memory cards, connections, there are also three USB 2.0, plus an Ethernet and a VGA output.


In the cable network is the Asus Eee PC 701 4G via a LAN port. The Wireless Network leads (802.11 b / g). Well, UMTS and related technologies are missing; the speed networks of the mobile operators therefore remain closed. However, this shortcoming is likely to get over predominantly price-conscious customers.